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Safety Information


Indications and Clinical Use:

  • EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr Auto-Injectors are indicated for the emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions in patients who are determined to be at increased risk for anaphylaxis, including individuals with a history of anaphylactic reactions.
  • Select dose according to patient’s body weight.
  • Inject into the outer thigh.
  • Following treatment of anaphylaxis, the patient must call 911.

Relevant warnings and precautions:

  • Avoid use of epinephrine in patients with cardiogenic, traumatic, or hemorrhagic shock; cardiac dilation; cerebral arteriosclerosis; organic brain damage, and narrow-angle glaucoma
  • Use with caution in patients with cardiac arrhythmias; coronary artery or organic heart disease; hypertension and hyperthyroidism
  • Sulfite sensitivity
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease

For more information:

Please consult the product monograph by clicking here for important information relating to adverse reactions, drug interactions, and dosing information.

EpiPen, EpiPen Jr are registered trademarks of Mylan Inc. licensed exclusively to its wholly-owned affiliate, Dey Pharma, L.P. of Napa, California USA; sub-licensee, Pfizer Canada Inc., Kirkland, Quebec H9J 2M5